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The Color of Pomegranates, Sergéi Paradzhánov, 1968

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Anonymous asked: Do you know of any scholarship help master posts or guides?? Thanks a bunch and I love the blog!



Thank you so much!

Here are ways to find scholarships:

There’s a few scholarship search engines out there, must of which can be found in this post: Finding Scholarships

There are also these websites:

These websites and posts are also very helpful:

Here is help for applying to scholarships:

Scholarship Help

Ways NOT to Start a Scholarship Essay

Tips for Writing an Effective Scholarship Award Letter

Stay on Track with a Scholarship Organizer

Tips on Winning a Scholarship

Scholarship Tips

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarship Tips and Tricks

More Tips

Her Campus Scholarship Posts

I hope this helps, feel free to ask me any more questions you have and I will try my best to answer!



Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16


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photos by (click pic) michael poliza, dennis fast and matthias brieter of polar bears amongst the fireweed in churchill, manitoba. the area has the largest, and most southerly, concentration of the animals on the planet. in late summer and early fall the polar bears make their way to the hudson bay, waiting for it to freeze over so they can hunt for seals on the ice. but every year, the ice is forming later and later, forcing the polar bears to go hungry for longer. (more polar bear posts

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i literally just thought to myself “wow halloween is almost over” but then i remembered that the entire month of october isnt halloween and halloween is actually only one day and hasnt even started yet

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